Gemma Davis, 17, London UK

Hello this is Gemma, is you okay? Is you? Good, cos I wanted to know! Haha. In a nutshell, GloZell is hilarious. I stumbled across one of her videos on YouTube one day and just became hooked on them, they were so funny. GloZell is one of those people who is just naturally funny and likes to make people laugh. When GloZell found out she had fans in the UK, she went "cray cray", as she would say.
Paige and I made this website show GloZell support from the other side of the water. If you could please fill out the short survey we would really appreciate it. 
Any questions or art work for GloZell will be passed onto GloZell.

Peace and blessings. Over and out. Wink, kiss.

Paige Roper, 19, Derby UK

Hello this Paige, Is You Okay? Good cos I wanted to know! Muahahaa! 
So... the first video I watched was 'Rude Boy' and oh my GAWD! HILARIOUS!!  Since then, I am officially hooked!  Like Seriously.. I watch her videos everyday without fail. She's the most funniest lady I've ever seen! 
Anyhooo.. I'm 19 from Derby,UK. Me and Gemma decided to create this website to show our love and support to who we call, the Queen of Youtube!  
Fell free to leave comments and any questions you have for GloZell and we will try and get her to personally answer them. 
Hope you enjoy the site :)
Peace and blessings...
Wink, Mwahhh!