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This website is run by fans in the UK to help support GloZell Green, The Queen of YouTube. 

Brief message from GloZell about herself:

“My name is GloZell. My mother’s name is Gloria and my father’s name was Ozell, and that’s how I got my name, GloZell. I have one Opera-singing sister, DeOnzell. I am the latest YouTube sensation, "The Queen of YouTube", and TV personality! I offer entertainment services such as stand-up comedy, acting, voiceover, singing and MC/Mistress of Ceremony/Hosting.”

GloZell grew up in Orlando, Florida and is now located in Los Angeles, California.

GloZell's most known for creating videos about various songs and her hilarious opinions on each one. GloZell is very witty and is very popular on YouTube for starting her videos saying "hello this is GloZell, is you okay? Is you? Good, cos I wanted to know" and then ending them with “over and out *wink* *kiss*”.

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